What is the Subspace Mobile App?

The subspace mobile app converts spare devices into a shared data center.  Free resources on your device are made available to software engineers who can then build apps without having to depend on server farms controlled by large tech companies like Amazon, Google, or Microsoft.

You earn money for the hardware you already own, with devices you aren’t even using.  Software engineers reward you for the data they store on your device.  You have the option to use these rewards to store your data on the apps they create, or simply be paid in cash.

Apps built using subspace store your data on the subspace network of shared devices.  Your personal data is locked with your private key, which belongs only to you.  This means websites cannot sell your data, target you with ads, or lose your data to hackers.  

Today, data is power.  Why give your data away for free to tech companies when you can own and control it yourself?  Subspace makes it easy for developers to build apps that let you own your data.


How do I get started?

Getting started with subspace only takes a few minutes

Find a spare device

Install the app

Get daily rewards

Step 1: Find a spare device


Subspace works with any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.  The device needs to have at least 10 GB of free space, constant access to WiFi, and remain plugged in to a charger.  The device does not need to have a cellular data plan.

We recommend using a spare device since subspace needs to be connected to the internet at all times.  Putting subspace on your primary phone or tablet could impact your cellular data and reduce battery life.


Step 2: Install the app


Download and install the subspace app from Google Play or the App store.  After installing the app you will be asked to agree to a storage contract.  The standard contract is 10 GB of space over one month, but this is configurable.

The app also includes a digital wallet that stores your private key and allows you to monitor the balance of your subspace account.  Funds you earn for hosting data will be deposited here. 


Step 3: Get daily rewards


Now that that the app is installed and a storage contract has been setup developers will be able to store data on your device.  Developers must purchase usage contracts to store data on the subspace network.  Funds locked in those contracts are paid out to device owners on a daily basis.

You can still use the device while subspace is running, but if the device goes offline or runs out of battery your rewards will be reduced.  If you have more questions about subspace please take a look at our FAQ.